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We Are Entertained is a podcast of a few friends sitting around talking about what entertains them.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Jul 27, 2017

This week Chris bones up on his geography while watching the Netflix original Ozark. Matt continues his quest to watch every Christopher Nolan film by watching Following.

This week's film, Dunkirk, almost causes us to go to war with each other. Whose side will you be on?

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Jul 20, 2017

This week Richard trusts Netflix's algorithms again and watches Blame!. Chris punches another classic Ron Howard film in the face by watching Cinderella Man. Matt surprises everyone by watching a film on Hulu when he watches The Hunt aka Jagten.

This week's film, War for the Planet of the Apes sparks some great...

Jul 13, 2017

This week Chris learns about jazz great Miles Davis when he watches Miles Ahead. Or does he? Richard thought he was in for a fun movie when he went to see The Big Sick. He didn't know what he was in for. Matt got nostalgic watching Netflix's original series GLOW and we find out that Richard's wrestling history knowledge...